LPG Vehicle Operator / Driver

Posted : 7 months ago

Job Description

Vehicle Operating

• Inspect the vehicle before loading to ensure that routine maintenance checks have been carried out by Maintenance and inform any defects to LPG Operations Supervisor.

• Ensure that product compartment of the vehicle is empty before loading any products.

• Ensure that product compartment of the vehicle is secure, and cylinders are in safe position.

• Check oil, tires, lights, cleanliness (particularly windshields) and ensure that fuel tanks are full before proceeding on trips.

• Operate vehicle in accordance to established safety procedures.

• Collect the orders from LPG Operations Supervisor and hand over to LPG attendant in order to load the cylinders.

• Assist Sales Attendant on loading cylinders in the truck and unloading cylinders from the truck.

• Provide outstanding customer service and strive to provide a high level of service to all customers at all times to ensure customer loyalty.

• Perform other similar or related duties when assigned by LPG Operations Supervisor.

Maintenance Management

• Inspect vehicle prior to usage ensuring it is in suitable working condition and fit for delivery of product.

• Ensures that hoses, couplings, dipsticks and fire extinguisher are on vehicle.

• Report any abnormal noises, defects or vibrations to LPG Operations Supervisor.

• Take vehicle to outsourced garages as directed to be cleaned, serviced and repaired.

• Attend vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown, until the arrival of workshop crew.

• Inspect vehicle and carry out routine maintenance checks, notifying LPG Operations Supervisor of needed equipment and supplies.

• Comply with all safety rules and regulations including the use of protective clothing and equipment.

• Maintain and keep the work environment in a clean and tidy condition including removal of wastes and spillages.

• Report any near misses/ potential HSSE incidents to the LPG Operations Supervisor

Contractor Overview

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