Quick Match

Employers can take advantage of the platform's user-friendly search and filtering features to quickly find the best workers for their projects. Thanks to this feature, the loss of time is minimized and the start-up processes of the projects are accelerated.

Trusted References

The platform allows you to view the performance and references of workers on previous projects. In this way, employers can increase the quality of their projects by selecting qualified and reliable workers, subcontractors.

Easy Communication

Consubcon encourages direct communication between employers and workers and subcontractors. Employers can share project details with workers, communicate their expectations, and maintain communication at every stage of the project.

High Quality Standards

The platform adopts high quality standards in the supply of workers and subcontractors. In addition to finding qualified workers and subcontractors, it also ensures their compliance with health safety and other industry standards.

International Job Opportunities

Consubcon offers opportunities to recruit and subcontract construction projects at home and abroad. In this way, job seekers have the chance to gain international experience and get to know different cultures.

Large Pool of Workers

The platform houses the world's largest pool of workers and subcontractors, with experienced and skilled workers from a variety of specialties. This way, you can easily find qualified workers and subcontractors for any construction project.