About Us

CONSUBCON is a digital platform that supplies subcontractors to construction projects in Turkey and the Middle East. In 2013, EMRINA INC. CONSUBCON, which was established within the organization, has supplied subcontractors to more than 3000 construction projects since its establishment.

CONSUBCON, which hosts more than 7000 contractor companies from 22 countries; It offers proposals and subcontractors to real projects that have been tendered by governments and taken by contracting companies. So far, Turkey, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, France, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Cameroon, Iran, Cyprus. We have offered and continue to offer many job opportunities, large and small, to Turkish subcontractors in different countries.

Today, the construction industry stands out as a rapidly growing and developing industry both locally and internationally. With this growth, accessing the skilled workforce needed by construction projects has become one of the industry's most important challenges. The CONSUBCON online recruiting and subcontracting platform was created with the aim of effectively solving this problem. This platform, which aims to provide workers and subcontractors for construction projects both at home and abroad, acts as a unique bridge that brings together all the stakeholders in the sector.

CONSUBCON has gained great prestige in the sector as an online tool that effectively brings together companies operating in the construction sector with qualified workers and subcontractors.