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Electrical Distribution Panel
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Contractor Overview

Since 2014, Niagara College KSA (NC KSA) has operated technical and vocational training colleges and academies throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in support of the Vision 2030 initiative and in partnership with the Colleges of Excellence (CoE) and Saudi Aramco. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, NC KSA provides community and customized training based on Niagara College Canada's expertise and international track records as one of Canada’s most innovative and enterprising applied learning post-secondary institutions. With a strong focus on developing ‘world-’ and ‘work-’ ready graduates, NC KSA specializes in delivering a number of quality programs designed to prepare young men and women for successful entry into the workforce in the areas of Business, Event Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Information Technology and Graphic Design, Building & Construction and Chemical Laboratory Technology. All NC KSA campuses also offer a foundation program for English language development. NC KSA operations are currently underway in the following locations: Al Khobar (Leading National Academy - LNA) KAEC (National Aviation Academy - TAYARAN) Makkah (International Technical Female College)

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